Massage Services: Eastern Meets Western

Thai Massage

$75 per 60 mins
$105 per 90 mins
$155 per couple per 60 mins
$220 per couple per 90 mins

Thai Massage & Bodywork Appleton, Appleton’s Massage Dreamscapes
Dreamscapes “Touch of Thai” Massage

Experience an Eastern touch of Thailand right from Appleton, WI, with a Thai Massage! The recipient during Thai Bodywork Massage usually dresses in loose clothing. The Thai Massage practitioner uses rhythmic static pressure, while stretching and elongating muscle, breaking up adhesions, and relaxing and resetting body systems. This kind of massage is wonderful whether the client wants lighter bodywork, gentle stretching or deep, specific bodywork, such as an oiled Thai Massage on the back and neck only.

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Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

$75 per 60 mins
105 per 90 mins
$155 per couple per 60 mins
$220 per couple per 90 mins

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Appleton, Appleton’s Massage Dreamscapes

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, and Eastern Massage, literally means foot (ashi) pressure (atsu) in Japanese. Ashiatsu Massage is a type of massage therapy in which the practitioner uses parallel bars mounted above the table and massages the client with their feet. Ashiatsu, or barefoot massage, is excellent for relaxation as well as deep tissue work! Benefits include relaxed muscles, improved circulation, reduced stress, and a greater sense of well-being. Ashiatsu Massage also  improves circulation, immune system, and heightened awareness of psychological and emotional processes.

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Bamboo Massage

$75 per 60 mins
$105 per 90 mins
$155 per couple per 60 mins
$220 per couple per 90 mins

Bamboo Massage Appleton, Bamboo Fusion Massage at Massage Dreamscapes, Appleton
Dreamscapes “Bamboo Blitz” Massage Dreamscapes

“Bamboo Blitz” Massage is a wonderful way to unwind brought to us by the East! Bamboo symbolizes character, resilience, flexibility, honesty, and simplicity. Soothing, yet can be shallow or quite deep if client desires, the massage therapist uses heated bamboo tools varying in length and width. The heat helps to warm the muscle, making it easier to perform deeper massage.

Bamboo Massage Appleton, Bamboo Fusion Massage at Massage Dreamscapes Appleton

During the Bamboo Fusion Massage, the therapist uses oils on the heated bamboo sticks, which allows the bamboo to glide more easily over the skin.   This type of massage is therapeutic for many types of chronic pain, as is massage in general, but more specifically, good for headaches, back pain, and general relaxationBamboo Massage is very relaxing, calming, and yet very therapeutic!

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Indian Head Massage

$75 per 60 mins

(This price includes essential oils required for IHM)
$105 per 90 mins
$155 per couple per 60 mins
$220 per couple per 90 mins

Indian head Massage Therapy Appleton, Appleton’s Massage Dreamscapes
Indian Head Massage

 Indian Head Massage, an Eastern Ayurvedic therapy, has been practiced in Pakistan and India for nearly 4000 years. Indian Head Massages use reflexology and massage on the shoulders, face, and head, traditionally offered with oils (our session offered with/without oils). A relaxation Indian Head Massage session usually lasts 60 minutes. However, if trying to deal with something specific, the massage therapist may require more time to unravel muscle tissue on the head to get to the deeper tissue, and more time may be necessary.

Therapeutically, Indian Head Massage is used to help with:
·  Severity and frequency of headaches and migraines
·  Insomnia
·  Restoring joint movement and mobility
·  Promotes hair growth
·  Relief of eyestrain

Indian Head Massage Appleton’s Massage Dreamscapes

The session also enhances energy and concentration. It improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients improved by circulation and the removal of waste is hastened via the lymphatic flow from the neck, head and shoulders. It increases blood flow to that area nourishing the tissues and encouraging healing. It is also beneficial for:

·  Tinnitus
·  Sinus problems
·  Fibrous adhesions
·  Tension in the neck and shoulders

Indian Head Massage promotes clarity of thinking and creates a feeling of mental calmness and physical well being which can last up to several days following a treatment. It is no wonder that this practice has lived on in the Eastern part of the world!

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Lomi Lomi Massage

 $75 for 60 mins
$105 for 90 mins

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, Appleton’s Massage Dreamscapes

Lomi Lomi Massage is an ancient Western massage from the island of Hawaii. Lomi Lomi Massage seems to have two faces. Relaxation, its smooth rhythmic strokes relax the body systems. However, true to its native tradition, therapeutically, Lomi Lomi Massage is aptly named, as it is used to “break up” adhesions.

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